Considered by many as the cultural, social, and political focal point of the Mexican-American community in the United States, the 140,000 residents of unincorporated East Los Angeles are ready for Cityhood. With the support of community leaders, residents, business associations, and elected officials, the East Los Angeles Residents Association is organizing support and enlisting volunteers to incorporate East L.A. as a city.

It's Time!

  • East Los Angeles is ready for Cityhood. Our economy is developing, the political landscape has changed, and our community is ready to move forward. Thousands of residents and leaders have expressed support.
  • The Initial Fiscal Analysis shows that our community can sustain itself financially as a city with the same level of services. The extra projected revenue could be used towards providing even more services.
  • Recent improvements to our community, such as the East LA Civic Center, the Gold Line Extension and Esteban Torres High School give East Los Angeles the start we need to take the next step.

Local Control

  • With Cityhood, residents will be able to identify and directly influence decisions on local priorities, such as the need for more parks, enhanced social services, and safer streets.
  • Forming a city will bring more of our local tax revenue back to our local community, including our property taxes, sales taxes, and utility users’ taxes.
  • Currently, East L.A. is directly served by just one county official who represents 2 million other residents in a district that spans 228 square miles. With over 126,000 residents within 7.4 square miles, East LA deserves its own local representation.

Greater Access to Services

  • There are very few opportunities for residents of East Los Angeles to have our concerns heard directly by local elected officials. Cityhood would create a local City Council, whose members would directly represent their neighborhoods.
  • Our community is carved into several congressional, state legislative, and school districts, making government accountability difficult. There are 3 US Congressional Districts: 32-Chu, 34- Roybal-Allard, 38-Napolitano; 3 CA State Senate Districts: 22-de León, 24-Hernandez, 58-Calderon; 4 CA State Assembly Districts: 45- Cedillo, 46-Pérez, 49-Eng, 58-Calderon; and 2 School Districts: Los Angeles USD and Montebello USD.